Kusi Chemicals

Chemicals manufacturing

Our value serves as a range of our actions and describe how we behave in the world. They are mainly premised on Commitment to Quality, Service and Integrity.

We embrace and uphold our company values of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust. We have a list of things that we consider important for our clients.

DETERMINATION- We are absolute in archieving success.

QUALITY- To provide best products and services.

HONESTY- To uphold principle of corporate integrity by conducting our business in a professional manner.

EXCELLENCE- We pursue to archive exception, production of the highest order.

QUALITY- To manufacture products that does not cause any harm to the customer.

Our Products

Our products come in various sizes to suit everyone's needs.
We also do special requests i.e we can make other chemicals that are not necessarily on our list as per client request.

Our products include:
● hard surface cleaner
● scouring powder
● fabric softener
● regular bleach
● thick bleach
● toilet cleaner
● household sanitizer
● all purpose cleaner
● pine gel
● floor polish
● tile cleaner
● floor glaze
● hair shampoo
● foam bath
● washing powder
● detergent paste
● channel blocks
● de greaser
● car wash and drain cleaner